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MTM logoYou want your smile to get noticed…not your braces. MTM® No•Trace System is the all-but-invisible orthodontic treatment to comfortably correct your smile. MTM® No•Trace offers a superb alternative to patients requiring minor movement – up to 6mm of movement or less. Completely invisible, MTM® No•Trace self-ligating “quick clips” work within a few short months to give you the smile you have always wanted. Download Brochure. MTM® No•Trace System uses low-profile brackets that rest on the back side of the teeth to achieve minor tooth movement. Say goodbye to the discomfort of Innovation R and say hello to MTM® No•Trace System – the brace without a trace.

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Is it Right for Me?

Whether you are active in sports, busy in school or an active professional, MTM® No•Trace System is the treatment choice that works best with any lifestyle. You can eat, speak, drink and travel without ever worrying about your treatment’s progress or misplaced trays. In fact, MTM® No•Trace braces are so comfortable that most people forget they are even in treatment. With MTM® No•Trace System you can:

  • Speak clearly and confidently.
  • Enjoy fast, fully undetectable treatment.
  • Improve your smile in as little at 12 – 24 weeks with as few as one or two quick office visits.
  • Eat and drink without having to remove anything.

Virtually Undetectable

MTM logoYou want your smile to get noticed, not your braces. MTM® No•Trace braces enables you to smile with confidence knowing that your treatment is taking place behind the scenes. If you’re looking for an out-of-sight treatment that delivers out-of-sight results, MTM® No•Trace System is for you – the brace without a trace.

Getting Comfortable with Your New Smile

MTM logo If you’re considering orthodontic treatment to beautify your smile, but are concerned about your personal comfort, you’re not alone. In a recent consumer study*, 80% of the respondents listed “comfort” as their #1 concern. MTM No•Trace System is a smooth, low-profile bracket engineered to fit naturally onto the back of your teeth, gently guiding them into correct alignment in as little as 12 to 24 weeks.

*Quantitative research study of 1,042 respondents.

MTM® No•Trace™ Testimonials

“I would definitely recommend MTM NoTrace braces to anyone. The day I got my braces on, it only took about a half hour to do, there was no pain involved, they’re really small and tiny and I haven’t found any discomfort at all. They were really easy to get used to.” John – MTM® No•Trace™ Patient

“I’ve had my MTM NoTrace braces on for about two weeks now and I just love them. You can’t see them, nobody knows you have them on and it just makes it easy.” Tasha – MTM® No•Trace™ Patient

“My friends already have braces, but they said if they had the choice they would have gotten these, because nobody can see them.” Stephanie – MTM® No•Trace™ Patient